Such A Fatty Profile

 I’m just a foodie trying his hand at blogging. 

If you have any enquiries, either regarding my blog posts or to correct any factual information in them, you can contact me at holdensafatty@gmail.com. Do note that I am currently doing this food blog as a hobby; I pay for the food of every cafe/restaurant that I review. (Unless stated otherwise.)

I’m also not a professional food taster in any way, hence my reviews are solely based on my personal experiences & knowledge. I tend to learn as I go along, so excuse me if I make any mistakes.

How did “Such A Fatty” came about?
It was just a phrase I constantly thought of whenever I had a big meal to eat. Hopefully it’s not because of my physique. The phrase went on to become a commonly used hashtag along with my Instagram photos of food. From there it became an inside joke among my friends who kept recommending me to start a blog with that phrase. Eventually I decided to start blogging, hence I adopted “Such A Fatty” as my personal moniker.

So who… what’s this all about?
My name is Jeremy and I’m just a solitary foodie, who usually goes out on my foodie trips with a companion or friend. I have dine alone before, mind you. I have made a list of places to try (which is a lot), and it is constantly increasing. So far I would think this blog is just a personal hobby. Nothing big yet. Perhaps in time it would grow into something great.

I try to do extremely honest reviews, I write what I experience, I don’t try to sugar coat anything. I consider myself to be sort of an “undercover” food blogger. This way, the experience I get from my cafehopping are all real and not a false front or biased.

When & why did I decide to become a foodie?
I live by the saying “I live to eat, I don’t eat to live.” One day, I just decided to pursue being a foodie seriously. From there, I started looking at food blogs and taking down a list of places I wanna try. It’s a great hobby as I get to explore countless places that I’ve never been before, even though I have lived here my entire life.

What do you use for taking photographs?
A while back I had to make do with my Samsung S4. I had a digital camera but hardly used it. I finally bought a DSLR as a birthday present to myself, especially since I’m an aspiring Graphic Designer & would probably need it in the future. So for all my photography now, I make use of my Nikon D3300. Once you go DSLR, you NEVER go back.

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