[Short Review] The Little Yellow Apron

Lovely little mini-eclairs from The Little Yellow Ribbon.

Lovely little mini-eclairs from The Little Yellow Ribbon.

The Little Yellow Apron is an online patisserie that specializes in éclairs & tarts, started and baked by a baker, Sarah. Her mini-éclairs have been constantly raved about & even featured on numerous Instagram postings of people visiting Mean Bean & Wicked Grind – The Little Yellow Apron being one of their suppliers for desserts. It was basically how I found out about The Little Yellow Apron, from those Instagram photos.

Look at all the colourful eclairs!

Look at all the colourful éclairs!

The packaging for their mini-éclairs is a large white box. The typical white box you get from cupcake stores. They added a nice personal touch by tying a ribbon around the box which I felt brought the packaging up a notch.

The Little Yellow Apron’s éclairs & tarts are often available at Mean Bean & Wicked Grind. [Do call before heading down to avoid disappointment.] They are also sometimes available at their rental kitchen, Butter & Bake Studio, which is located at 463 Crawford Lane #01-15. If you order their éclairs, that is where you’ll have to pick them up from.

Eclairs, eclairs & more eclairs.

Éclairs, éclairs & more éclairs.

As you can clearly see, The Little Yellow Apron specializes in mini-éclairs. They do also offer some tarts as well, but their éclairs are the ones to look out for. Currently they have around 7 flavors for their éclairs, with one only recently introduced – Speculoos. I made my ordered way before they introduced their seventh flavor and hence, tried only the original 6 flavors they offered. These include –

  • Vanilla Bean & Caramelised Pecans
  • Chocolate & Cocoa Streusel
  • Ispahan (Rose, Lychee & Raspberry)
  • Salted Caramel
  • Passionfruit Lavender
  • Matcha Cream Cheese & Strawberries

They all tasted pretty fantastic. Really delicious, really addictive. Great contrasting colors as well. My favourite has to be the Ispahan followed by Vanilla Bean. The Matcha Cream Cheese differed slightly from the rest of the éclairs, in that it did not have a filling inside but rather just a cream cheese topping. It’s priced at $32 for a box of 14, which I find quite steep, but you’re paying for the quality. You can tell only the best ingredients are used for their éclairs.

Side Rant
Perhaps my only one complaint is that the Ispahan éclairs were meant to have a rose petal on top. It’s all in the little details and it would have been nice to have a little heads up that perhaps they were out of the petals. On the upside, at least it was replaced with some candied hearts. [I did had my heart set for those pretty petals though.] All in all, they are REALLY good éclairs, so I’ll overlook that.

Another view of the pretty eclairs.

Another view of the pretty éclairs.

Overall, I just loved The Little Yellow Apron’s mini-éclairs. Not only are they delicious but they also look fantastic. I highly recommend giving them a try, perhaps a gift for a significant other? Head over to The Little Yellow Apron’s Facebook page & contact Sarah if you’re interested in these little pieces of heaven. Do note that their éclairs are quite popular & orders for them have been quite limited recently as they are working on expanding their business.




Contact: 96571511
Email: sarah@thelittleyellowapron.com


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