[Short Review] Three Quarter

Three Quarter's cupcakes.

Three Quarter’s cupcakes.

Three Quarter is an online bakery headed by Adam. The cupcakes are baked fresh by Adam himself & two other partners. The name Three Quarter derived from the thought process of filling only 3/4 of the cupcakes lining with the batter as well as being the birth date of the founder of the bakery.


Three Quarter is a fairly new online bakery, gaining popularity through word of mouth & their active Instagram account. What I like about Three Quarter is that their packaging & presentation of their cupcakes are very professional for a recently started online bakery.


The cupcakes.
Zesty Osmanthus, Ondeh Ondeh, Triple Chocolate

Three Quarter specializes in cupcakes, with their most popular flavour being the “Ondeh Ondeh”. They are regularly coming up with new & interesting flavors, which you can check out on their Facebook page or their Instagram account. One positive aspect of Three Quarter’s cupcakes is that they are baked fresh. A box of 6 cupcakes costs 20 bucks, one of the cheapest you can find around here.

I managed to try three of their flavors, which include –

  • Zesty Osmanthus – Light & refreshing cupcake with edible flowers on top
  • Ondeh Ondeh – Their bestseller, Pandan flavored cupcake with “Gula Melaka” (aka. palm sugar) filling, topped with grated coconut
  • Triple Chocolate – Chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate filling, topped with creamy chocolate icing
What it looks like inside the cupcakes. Ca

What it looks like inside the cupcakes.
I really like all their cupcakes. Their “Ondeh Ondeh” is definitely the best of them all. Delicious palm sugar filling, lots of grated coconut on top. Really fantastic.
The chocolate one is quite good as well, I do like the fact that it has a dark chocolate filling inside.
I do think the Zesty Osmanthus could have used a filling as well to keep it in tune with their other flavors, but it’s pretty nice & refreshing by itself. I really liked the edible flowers on top.

Overall, I do really like Three Quarter’s cupcakes. They are very light & fluffy on the inside, probably because they are baked fresh. (Best to be eaten on the same day of purchase) I like to support these unpretentious, new local bakers that are a breath of fresh air compared to the major commercialized franchises. Do check them out & give them your support, they offer pre-orders & bake sales for their cupcakes from time to time with new flavors being introduced.




Email: threequarter.sg@gmail.com


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