First Ever European Women’s Online Poker Tournament

We all know how big online poker has become. But do we all know just how big it has become with women? In a game that has traditionally been the domain of men (as have many other things), poker is now becoming a substantial commodity for women, who do not just know how to play the game, but who know how to play the game very well.
Take the popular online casino and gambling site, Ladbrokes, for instance. Twenty-five percent of their poker membership is comprised by women, which is continuing to increase as the popularity of online poker continues to increase also. In response to this impressive figures, Ladbrokes has decided to answer the calling and throwing the first ever Ladbrokes European Ladies Poker Championship, which is scheduled to go down on May 6 at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, UK.

In addition to a total jackpot of $48,000 ($15,000 for first place) the tournament will give an undisclosed number of women players an opportunity to qualify for the Ladbrokes Poker Million V, which has a total cash pool of $1.2 million. Forty eight seats have already been filled up, which Ladbrokes eGaming Managing Director, David Briggs, says will be increased next year at the second European Ladies Poker Championship.

For those who miss the action at this year’s tournament, it will be aired in the near future by Sky Sports. Over the span of six weeks, the footage will be broadcasted as a precursor to the Poker Million V Finals, which will also be taped and aired by Sky Sports.

And although its not poker, the fact that Ladbrokes just introduced online bingo to their internet betting site, goes to show just how much women are stepping up their online gambling pursuits and being valued by the gaming sites these women players frequent. The exact demographic breakdown of where these women hail from is not exactly known, although the majority at Ladbrokes are from England. The other majority are likely coming from the U.S.