High Depositors for All Star Slots Casino

The first high roller scheme is running at the All Star slots casino. This scheme is aimed at players who make a deposit of at least $100. While this promotion period is going the high rollers can claim 5 bonus coupons. Each one of these coupons provides a 75% match bonus up to a maximum of $1,000. There is another advantage to players where they can wager the bonus on any game to ensure they meet the wagering criterion. Generally, All Star Slots online casino is known to offer a 65% bonus at slots games. The other games will be offered a lower bonus at 55%. Players who are high rollers should take advantage of this opportunity at all costs.

High rollers should keep a reminder available that offers after the first week in August get even better. High rollers can save up a part of their deposits to be used during the second part of the promotion period. The promotion period will run between Tuesday 2nd August and Thursday 4th August. The highlight in the second week bonus round is that a deposit of $100 need not be made. In fact players can just deposit $50. Players will receive 3 coupons of a match bonus amounting to 75% and a maximum of $1,000. The promotion period is a shorter one; therefore, All Star will only offer 3 coupons to players. The advantage of wagering a lower deposit means that players at All Star online casino can wager their bonuses on slots such as scratch cards and keno.

Starting Friday 5th August until 8th August a popular bonus called Super Size Me will be introduced at the casino. Players must make a deposit of $200 or less to qualify for the bonus round which amounts to 65% of their deposit. If high rollers make a higher deposit, they will receive the original 65% for that $200 despot and again another 100% bonus on the remaining amount up to $1,000. The weekend will offer players up to 5 coupons. However, players must meet their wagering requirements on slots, keno and scratch cards.