Heirs to British Throne Plan Poker Room as Charity Event

888e, the Gibraltar-based poker room and online casino is preparing a one of a kind charity event opportunity that if successful will be a real promotion bid for them. They are planning to get the support of the royal family’s younger generation to play a game of poker with the proceeds going to charity.

They intend to incorporate the theme from the most recent James Bond movie Casino Royale and to use it as an incentive for the royal members to participate. By so doing, 888’s marketing branch will be putting together an authentic Casino Royal event.

The intent is for the royals to play one game of poker against each other. This is to be arranged by 888. Those involved include the princes William, and Harry, Princess Beatrice and Peter and Zara Phillips. They would be playing one hand of Texas Hold’em poker. It is not yet clear from company statements if or when the individuals involved have agreed to take part in such an event.

The winning pot is set at GBP 1 million. It will be donated to the winner’s favorite charity. In addition, all of the others who participate will be given the opportunity to donate GBP 100 000 to the charity of their choice.

This event will be reminiscent of similar charity events in which their parents have participated such as ‘It’s a Knockout’ and other televised charity events in which Princes Charles and Andrew and Princess Anne, have participated. In this manner the next generation of royals is being asked to carry on the tradition established by the older generation of royals, of supporting worthy causes in the name of Her Majesty’s Service.

The directing of 888’s marketing branch, Matt Robinson, is reported as saying that the combination of card playing and royalty form an intrinsic link in British history. The release of the latest James Bond thriller is an appropriate setting, he says, for the staging of a charitable royal poker event.