Sportsbook posts Wild Card MLB offers and online casino winnings

Sportsbook posts Wild Card MLB offers

If you are an online casino player who also likes baseball, here is your chance to bet on the sport you love. Sportsbook has listed it’s offerings for the Wild Card spots in the American League and National League games. Because there are so many teams that are still vying for division pennants, Wild Card spots will be interesting to bet on. It really is up in the air, so if you bet now, you stand to get pretty decent odds offerings.

For the National League, the favored Wild Card selection is Houston with 6 to 5 odds being offered at Sportsbook. The Astros are well back of Behind St. Louis in the Central Division you have the Astros, but the Astros hold a good record amid the other non division leading teams- keep an eye on them. Currently, the only other baseball team with a prevailing record (that is not in the lead of it’s league) is the Nationals. Yes, Washington, but they have had a hard time of late. Odds for Washington come in at 6 to 1. If you bet on them and they win the Wild Card, you stand to make some cash.

Keep an eye on the Cubs’ 5 to 1 odds. Phillies have odds at 6 to 1.

For the American League (just lately), the Yankees and the Red Socks have gained momentum. The odds for the Yankees are 8 to 5, The Red Socks carry 9 to 5 odds.

Additional American League teams to keep an eye on are the

Oakland A’s with 5 to 1 odds and even the Twins with 6 to 1 odds being offered on their success.

For a complete list of current offerings on MLB Wild Card Offerings, be sure to check out Sportsbook